Wearable devices for improving cardiovascular health

Our Mission

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for one in every four deaths worldwide — our mission is to make this deadly disease preventable. We are developing wearable devices that can detect the early signs of heart disease so that interventions can be taken years before external symptoms become apparent. We combine wearable design, novel sensors, signal processing, and machine learning to deliver a new generation of devices for improving cardiovascular health.
Wearable Design
Novel Sensors
Signal Processing
Machine Learning
A novel approach to cardiovascular monitoring

Cardiovascular healthcare today depends on in-clinic measurements taken just a few times a year — sparse snapshots of a patient’s overall well-being. Continuous monitoring can give us a much more complete picture, but merely tracking signals introduces too many behavioral unknowns to support clinical decisions. Fortunately, recent advances in context recognition and behavior analysis are creating an opportunity to transform our approach to many health conditions. By combining wearable physiological sensors with advanced algorithms, our group seeks to derive unprecedented levels of insight from continuous, ambulatory health data.

To make this vision a reality, we’re leveraging our key areas of technical expertise. Novel sensors and sensor technologies are essential to monitoring cardiovascular signals effectively in ambulatory settings. Signal processing and machine learning allow us to make sense of the raw signals, from determining fundamental measurements to extracting actionable insights and long term patterns. Finally, wearable design, from the embedded system development and hardware to the final fit and finish, allows us to combine all of this into an ergonomic, wearable package.

Our team has been actively publishing scientific work and commercializing our technologies for over a decade. Team members have established themselves as leaders in the fields of wearable devices, machine learning, signal processing, and health monitoring.

Research Publications

Our Team

Our team consists of computer scientists, electrical engineers, and bioengineers, with backgrounds in both research and engineering.

We’re Hiring

If you’re a brilliant scientist, engineer, or designer excited about shaping the future of medical devices, please get in touch about full-time employment and internship opportunities.